Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd was found with the noble cause in the heart in the year 1996. Our very founder sails over the mayflowers chisel the name Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd in hope to offer innovative metal products to the people at a favourable price while equally practising social capitalism in their business practices.


Let us face it - every products or service was created to solve either a major or a minor problem that impacts societies or industries as a whole. Our one was straight forward. Metal products are way expensive for the reach of a common man. In this information age fuelled by the knowledge economy - consumers know about their metal product choices.


We believe buying innovative metal products shouldn't cost an arm. That is why Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd is here to create a better alternative for all the metal products users.


By diminishing the traditional channels, designing and manufacturing the innovative metal products in house and engaging customers directly via an e-commerce platform. This enable us to offer metal products to the people at a fraction of the market price.


We believe all people should have at least one metal product. We believe buying metal product via our ecommerce webstore should be convenient. It should leave you with happy shopping experience and money in the pocket.


There is nothing complicated about it. Good quality metal product , good standard of living .