Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd ?

Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer in Malaysia – Perak – Teluk Intan that produces metal products such as barbeque grills, satay grills, burger stand and other metal products. Our company complied to Malaysia law strictly, and all our products are legal according to Malaysia Law.


What is ? is an official e-commerce website for Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd, and we strive our very best to serve and satisfy our customers online. Our official e-commerce website educates and inspires our visitors.


How do I place orders on ?


What are the payment methods available?

We offer various kind of payment method namely:-

  • Credit Card ( Visa Or Mastercard )
  • Debit Card ( Visa Or Mastercard )
  • Invoice / Cheque / Offline Bank Transfer


Information for Invoice/ Cheque / Offline Bank Transfer

  1. Bank Name     : Ambank
  2. Bank Account  : 0322022002707
  3. Account Name : Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd

After you made the payment, please send us the payment details of (Kindly Contact Us Via Whatsapp Chat)
Bank Name :
Banking Date :
Banking Time :
Banking Reference No :
The total amount you have paid :
Your Order No :


Can I cancel an existing order that has been made?

Yes – if only the order is still on pending status. Orders that are in shipping or shipped status will not be cancelled.


What is the product’s transaction currency?

All products transaction currency will be done in Ringgit Malaysia ( RM )


How long does the delivery usually take? (Using third party express courier services)

Peninsular Malaysia:- 5 working days ( Latest )

East Malaysia:- 7 working days ( Latest )


How can I contact your company customer service if I have questions?

Visitors can always contact our friendly customer service via WhatsApp chat by clicking the WhatsApp icon floating around our official e-commerce website. Our live WhatsApp agent will be available from Monday until Saturday ( 08:00 MYT until 17:00 MYT ). Alternatively – our live WhatsApp agent will reply to your WhatsApp message the next working day if you send messages after our service or working hours.


Do you still have doubts?

We want to apologize because we cannot clear all your doubt in the frequently asked questions page. Please kindly send us messages at's Whatsapp Chat